Ghost Light Theatre is a not-for-profit 80-seat black box theatre located in Bridge Street Studios, Nelson CBD. Ghost Light’s aim is to light up Nelson/Tasman performers and audiences by providing a space for bold performing arts ventures.


Our Mission

The ghost light is a singular light left on the stage when the space is empty and dark. It is used for safety – if cast and crew need to find their way around when the theatre is unoccupied.

It appeals to the notion that every theatre has a history – it has its own ghosts. The light is meant to keep them at bay while the living are away.

But more recently, in the face of extremism and intolerance in our world, the ghost light has come to represent a light in that darkness. A light that values honesty, bravery and acceptance in the form of the performing arts. 

Here in this space above Bridge Street, Nelson – which used to be a sewing shop, which used to be a dance hall, which is now an artist collective, we want to create a blend of all those notions. We want it to be a safe place. A hallowed place. A mysterious place. A brave place.

We want Ghost Light Theatre to become somewhere that anyone can venture without intimidation. It will be a space that embraces the community with performances that make us laugh, cry and question. 

We want to embrace promising performers and communities who might never have had access to the benefit of performing as part of a collective. We want to be a place where we share ourselves and pass on knowledge. We want to showcase and be a testing ground for local and national works and artists who try things a little differently – who experiment or push boundaries. 

Ghost Light Theatre Ltd is a NZ Charitable Trust and was created by Laura Irish and Charles Anderson with the help of the Nelson theatre community. 

Artistic Director: Laura Irish
Theatre Manager: Debbie Brooks


Our Address:

146 Bridge St, Nelson, 7010


-41.2727889, 173.2866328