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Introducing: JAMPER™️: two tools is too many: Sublime Coffee Roasters

Introducing: JAMPER™️: two tools is too many
One of the biggest problems in modern espresso is the amount of individual tools required. Manual tampers, electronic tampers, distribution tools, anti-clump tools, scales, thermometers, timers and jugs. The list is ever-growing, and so is the need for speed!
When it comes to workflow, modern baristas need every advantage they can get to improve in both consistency and speed. This jug/tamper combo was born out of these needs, and 17years spent crafting the highest quality coffees.
Here at Sublime Coffee, innovation is a part of our DNA. This latest innovation, the Jamper, is designed to improve the speed, accuracy and quality of your espresso, while reducing the clutter of extra tools.
Two tools is too many when the job can be done with one. Speedy tamping is achieved thanks to the ergonomic handle design, doing away with awkward high elbows and the wonky-barista lean. Milk steaming and pouring is improved thanks to the precision counterweight on the base of the jug. Balance brings bliss!
*available for a limited time only.
For Jamper™️ sales or wholesale enquires drop us a DM or call into the roastery on New Street in Nelson.

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