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Looking after ourselves and our employees in Nelson business

Leading a business in normal circumstances is challenging; the Covid crisis has added another dimension to the pressures. Looking around it seems that all is back to normal, but long-term effects are clear, and under the surface there are some huge issues for business owners, such as staff and skills shortages, sales downturn, increased debt levels, cashflow pressures, immigration and visa blocks, and supply issues.

So, we deal with anything the world throws at us. Or do we? It is a huge challenge to our courage, resilience, capability, and wellbeing. And some of us find it difficult to discuss or to ask for help. Without help and support, there is a danger of anxiety, isolation, and depression. If we don’t take it seriously and deal with it, we put at risk our health, our business, our employees and our family. On the other hand, mutual support, seeking timely help, or just sharing the story, brings a sense of teamwork and positive challenge toward success.

What can we do to help ourselves, and to get practical help from people around us? Well in Nelson we are fortunate to have huge resources at our disposal:

Business advice

Great accountants do much more than keep the books. They advise on a variety of issues or point you in the right direction. Things like managing cashflow and debt, business coaching, increasing sales, managing tax, getting help from IRD, links with other local advisers and agencies.



Our city has a wealth of professionals on hand. As well as legal, accountancy, marketing & IT, we have HR specialists, lease experts, psychotherapists, mentors, coaches, and counsellors.




You may have a professional or sector association ready to help, such as Chamber of Commerce, Hospitality Association, or your professional body. They are a perfect route to business, legal, HR, and other compliance advice.



Uniquely Nelson and marketing professionals can help you with ways of promoting your business and increasing market share. This might include building a better website, getting online sales, or using social media effectively.



Business mentors and life/business coaches are readily available to help your thinking and approach to leading yourself, your people, and your business, and how these link to strengthen how you do life and business in a balanced and productive way.


Business pressures can make us ill. It’s always better to nip it in the bud and take quick action to help with physical or mental wellbeing. You GP is always the best starting point for advice, leading on to other specialists, therapies, and counselling.



It may not be for everyone, but you never know! We are all spiritual beings. Spiritual (Taha wairua) is not just religious. It may be connecting with a faith, a helpful philosophical approach, getting support, finding a quiet space, or just someone independent to talk to, usually at no cost. Nelson has a wealth of ministers and chaplains, many of whom have worked in industry and business, and some that still do so.



Managing your mental wellbeing is complex, yet simple. The brain needs routine, and that includes food and sleep. And keeping active helps brain health and function; that doesn’t necessarily mean running a marathon but may just be a short walk in a city park, or stroll on the beach at the start or end of the day.



Talking to others is so important. It may be family, a trusted friend, a colleague, another business owner, or an adviser. Reaching out on specific issues is important, but just as important are regular connections and conversation with people you trust. You are supporting them too!



Connecting with people and purpose beyond ourselves and our business is really healthy. It adds value to others and to yourself. Contributing to others makes you feel better about yourself and provides an outside interest.

In the business community make the effort to attend events, seminars and workshops for professional development, learning and connection.

Nelson Tasman Business Trust and Health Action Trust have business mentors and life/business coaches readily available to help you. Your thinking and approach to leading yourself, your people, and your business.
More importantly, how these link to strengthen how you see your life and business in a balanced and productive way. What can we do to help ourselves, and to get practical help from people around us? Well in Nelson we are fortunate to have huge resources at our disposal:

Nelson Tasman Business Trust
Business Mentoring, free business consultation, weekly Network Meetings and Training workshops
Health Action Trust
Working with communities to improve health and remove barriers that limit wellbeing
03-548 2798


Where to get help: A wide range of resources for Nelson business owners include:

AGENCY SUPPORT (What we offer in essence) CONTACT (details)
Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce Business advice and support, workshops advocacy and networking meetings. One-on one business advice through the regional Business Partner Programme. 03 548 1363
Uniquely Nelson Uniquely Nelson has developed a range of marketing initiatives around Nelson City Experience to encourage greater visitation and retail expenditure in the city. 03-546 8405
Hospitality New Zealand Industry advocacy; member support and advice on legal and employment matters. 0800 500 503
Nelson Regional Development Agency The Nelson Regional Development Agency exists to make a difference to the future prosperity of the Nelson Tasman region through positioning, connecting and promoting the region. 03-545 6858

For acute mental health issues:

  • Nelson/Tasman: Ph. 0800 776 364 and press 2 for urgent concerns, or

If presenting at Emergency Department, Mental Health crisis team members are available there after 6pm weekdays & 8am till 5:00 pm weekends.

If the person is at high-risk contact call/text 1737 free phone /text 24 hours 7 days a week

For general concerns about a person at risk, contact the most relevant agencies below:

  • Talk to your GP
  • CAMHS (child/youth up to 18 years) mental health non acute services – self or GP referral: Nelson Ph: 03 546 1230.
  • Brief Intervention Service – mild to moderate mental health issues free counselling Nelson Ph. 03 539 1170. Referral by your GP
  • Primary Mental Health Initiative (PMHI) counselling and therapy via Nelson Bays PHO.
  • Supporting Families in Mental Illness, Nelson Ph. 03 546 6090 for Motueka Ph. 03 528 7790 or
  • The Male Room (Nelson only) 03 548 0403
  • Te Piki Oranga (Nelson Marlborough) 0800 ORANGA (672 642)


  • Call/text 1737- nationwide mental health support: ‘Need to Talk?’& ‘Early Mental Health Response (EMHR)’
  • The Depression Helpline (0800 111 757)
  • Healthline (0800 611 116)
  • Lifeline (0800 543 354) or LifeLync (Nelson/Tasman only) Ph. 03 548 2400
  • Youthline (0800 37 66 33) txt 234 or or webchat
  • Alcohol Drug Helpline: 0800 787 797
  • Bereavement support: 0800 842 846

For advice on community support agencies, contact Citizens Advice Bureau 0800 367 222 or

Family Services Directory at 0800 211 211 or  or

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