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You need need help with digital marketing and need an online presence to catch customers attention.

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Uniquely Nelson is all about get up and go, that’s what we do for Nelson City businesses. Get your business out there, with our help. We’ll build a top notch marketing and social media plan to help get you noticed. We’ll do it all for you.

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Need some help finding the right person for the job? We know lots of awesome people and can help build your team!

More About Us

Uniquely Nelson is an incorporated society set up with a Board of Directors and a full-time Manager.  We have been marketing and promoting Nelson City since 2002.

Uniquely Nelson is not-for-profit and is funded annually by Nelson City Council.

Uniquely Nelson has developed a range of marketing initiatives around the Nelson City Experience to encourage greater visitation and retail expenditure in the City.

We act as an important communications forum between Nelson City Council, Nelson Tasman Tourism, Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development Agency, other key stake holders and over 630 Nelson City businesses.

Uniquely Nelson’s strategic Vision Statement is:

Nelson City, the best small City to live, work and play in Australasia.

Uniquely Nelson’s Mission is to:

Develop a marketing strategy that clearly communicates and supports the vision statement;

Develop promotions and activities around the unique offerings of Nelson City, thereby supporting the vision statement;

Encourage visitation for the ‘Nelson City Experience’ – the atmosphere, social cohesion and cultural identity;

Develop and implement an ongoing program of stakeholder engagement that enables the vision to be effectively communicated and shared. We want to ‘win the hearts and minds’ of the people who influence the City’s cultural, social and business vitality.

Chris Butler - Chair, Justine Kennard – Deputy Chair, David Moir, Lorraine Beattie, Ian Williams & Renee Wilson
Meet Our Team
Simon Duffy

Simon Duffy

Simon has returned to Nelson after being away for many years, mainly overseas. As well as having deep passion for what he does, he comes with a strong international background in marketing, brand development and more importantly, relationship building. If you have a businesses idea, have an event you wish to promote or would like advice on Nelson City, come see us at Uniquely Nelson.

Chandra Tandukar

Chandra Tandukar

Chandra is our techie guy. He is an experienced, skilled and creative talent with multiple degrees and certifications in web development, digital marketing, graphic design and systems security.

Michelle Van Dyk

Michelle Van Dyk

Michelle is our Sales/Marketing and Comms girl.  She supports the team in getting things done.  Her role includes liaising and networking with businesses in Nelson City and getting them on board as members of Uniquely Nelson.  She also assists the team in collecting content for The Nelson Advantage Newsletter, social media planning/co-ordination & event organising.  She has a genuine passion for working with people and is always thinking of innovating ways to promote this smart little City of ours.  Michelle also acts as our very own in-house photographer/ videographer.

Bryce Wastney

Bryce Wastney

Bryce is our talented journalist, singer/songwriter and holds a BA/B Tch (double degree) majoring in Visual Arts and Graphic design. He interviews business owners and writes articles for our weekly Nelson Advantage Online Newsletter.

Recent News

12Apr 21

The Charm with Living Lights

A living flame provides so much of what is important to us humans in the form of light, warmth, peace, security and hope. There is nothing that so quickly and easily creates a cosy atmosphere or raises the energy in a room as a candle. The charm and joy of a candle are that it is just – alive. Lighting candles is cosy during the darkest months, so it’s about time to light your beautiful candles.

And the obvious choice to find beautiful candles is Living Light in the Farmers Arcade. From local and artisan roots, Living Light Candles has grown into a producer of world-class designer products. It all began in 1997, Living Light’s small team of candle makers was housed in a small shed on owner Cynthia Baur’s Golden Bay property. Cynthia came to New Zealand in 1984 with her knitwear label, a background that has led her to place design at the core of Living Light’s candle development. Now, with a team of 18 staff creating an exquisite range of natural candles and home fragrance offerings, containers are being filled for export to Australia. All of this happens in a repurposed abattoir just behind the township of Takaka, a small distance from the original site. Each candle is still fully handmade, and Cynthia intends to remain New Zealand-made as she continues to expand.

Jude Biggs, store manager in Nelson, explains. “Our candles are made of natural plants and beeswax or pure soy. Our home fragrance range is made with the finest fragrances sourced from around the world. We also have beautiful hand and body range as well as diffusers and room sprays”.
The collection of wonderful candles and home fragrance offerings are the perfect gift to give away to yourself or someone else you like. No home is complete without candles. Not only are they an instant mood booster, but great candles are also a transformative interiors accessory too.
Living Light store manager Jude Biggs says. “We are absolutely passionate about scent and design, creating beautiful products, which give the gift of everyday luxury to your home and sanctuary”.

With candles, you can create beautiful arrangements of light, warmth and wonderful scents.
At Living Light, you will find scented or unscented candles in several different shapes, colours, sizes. They have a large selection and also all the accessories you need to arrange a tray with scented candles.

These hand-poured candles are made from high-quality materials and carefully selected natural ingredients.
The top-selling candle is for sure the plant and beeswax Icicle candle (Obelisque). You simply light it, and magic will happen. The crystalline structure of this sculptural candle develops a unique lace-like pattern as it burns. This multi-sensory candle not only smells amazing but changes form as the melted wax drips down the side of the candle and creates an icicle effect. Each candle and home fragrance is handmade. It’s not just candles, it’s art.

Living Light’s offering comes at a variety of price points and makes a perfect choice for special occasions, a weekly treat or as gifts. Welcome to Living Light to meet Jude and her fantastic team that absolutely love everything candle and home fragrance related. Not only candles and soya jars, but you will also find the most beautiful room diffusers, room sprays, body bars, aroma stones and silky-smooth body lotions and hand cream. Experience everyday luxury enjoying the wonderful world of Living Light!

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12Apr 21

Heritage Month of the Nelson Farmers Market

We are really proud and excited to be part of Tuku 21 Heritage Month. During the remaining three Wednesdays in April we will be running demonstrations that celebrate and acknowledge the role that producing and growing  food has played in Nelson’s Heritage. 

We are so fortunate at the Nelson Farmers Market to have such a diverse range of products and cultures which honour their culture whilst contributing to the ethos of the Farmers Market. See the poster below and read the articles to find out more about the demonstrations. 

Heritage Apples Demonstration
14 April at 10am and 12 noon at the Nelson Farmers Market, Kirby Lane (105 Bridge Street)
As part of Heritage Month, Rozmeri from Little Shaggery Farm will give a talk about heritage varieties at their organic orchard as well as providing tastings of over 20 different varieties. Come along and hear about the heritage fruit available at the Nelson Farmers Market. Nelson has a proud history as a fruit growing region and many of the original varieties are still available today. Pop on down and hear about our apple growing industry and taste the difference. There will be two food demonstrations throughout the day, at 10am and 12 noon.

The Italian Connection
21 April at 10am and 12 noon at the Nelson Farmers Market, Kirby Lane (105 Bridge Street)
As part of Heritage Month, Flavia and Flavio from Viavio Cheese will be giving a talk about their award winning Italian style cheese and how to be best use them. Come along and meet the people who are continuing the proud Italian tradition of producing authentic Italian cuisine, sample their creations and get the recipes. There will be two food demonstrations throughout the day, at 10am and 12 noon.

Heritage Cooking Demonstration
28 April at 10am and 12 noon at the Nelson Farmers Market, Kirby Lane (105 Bridge Street)
As part of Heritage Month, Miles Drewery, artisan producer from The Sausage Press Deli Co, will show you how to create fabulous heritage dishes using Nelson Farmers Market ingredients. Pop on down, watch the demonstration, try the end product and pick up a recipe card. There will be two demonstrations throughout the day, at 10am and also at 12 noon.


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