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Intepeople – It’s all about People

We have always said ‘it’s all about People’. It’s People that make the difference. We have always been into People getting to where they want to be and People being the best that they can be.
With brighter thinking and tailor-made solutions, Intepeople can help with every facet of the employment journey. From employers to employees, Intepeople work with People to solve problems and create opportunities for success. Our strength is our ability to take a three-dimensional view of an organisation, looking at systems, structures and People, helping everything work together in harmony for the very best outcomes.

If we are proud of one thing, it’s our team – a dedicated, multi-disciplined team with over 17 leading HR, employment relations and business experts. We believe in the importance of partnership, engagement and teamwork to build enduring relationships with our clients and within the business community.

Through this column we will bring you some tips and observations for getting the best out of your People and bring you regular updates on employment law. Next month we will take a look at pre-employment checks, one tool to assist with a successful recruitment every time, and we’ll update you on any proposed law changes with the Labour led government.

If you have a burning people issue email me here Julie Baxendine General Manager


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