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Story Behind WalkOnWater

Walk on Water pretty much emerged out of the blue. I had been working in
the wastewater industry managing treatment plants, but after 7 years I had
become disheartened with the industry and so I started seeking a new
direction. Having built a number of websites for myself and finding great
enjoyment it, I decided to further explore this avenue. Before creating
WalkonWater I landed a few website development projects through a helpful
friend and mentor.

I started talking with people who were wanting websites built and I realised
most people really don’t know where to start nor do they understand the
multiple aspects to the business structure and how in interrelates with the
website (for example, SEO, mobile optimisation, leads, landing pages,
automated email responders, etc). Heading back to my computer I found
there are some incredible companies out there doing great stuff in this field.
However, the majority of them were tailored for larger companies.
Recognising this gap in the market, WalkonWater came into fruition with the
aim to educate and work with small business.

Giving Back

I believe every business should be set up as a social enterprise with the
initiative to add value to society, whether giving back to communities/the
environment is actively promoted or quietly pursued. In setting up
WalkonWater I considered various options, settling on the proposition to
donate my time to build websites for non-profit organisations. Although I
would love to build websites full time for non-profits with no charge the only
way I can make this work is to build 10 paid websites before building one free

A Little About Myself (Jeremy)
I’m a lover of the ocean and its many quirky inhabitants. I have progressed
from diving to freediving, as I believe it offers a more authentic and close-
encounter type experience. I feel at my best when I am near the ocean.

I currently volunteer for Tasman Bay Guardians, an organisation set up to
protect and restore the Abel Tasman ocean ecosystems. My niche is tackling
the problem of plastic waste in our oceans and on our beaches.

Services I Offer

Website design

My web design packages are tailor made to suit your business. The marjority
of the websites I build are designed to gain leads and overall produce results.
For further information please visti my site at

Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If your website is not being found what is the point of having one? My local
SEO package is designed to help people find you online and increase your
ranking in search engines (Google). For more information you can visit my
site or check out an article I recently wrote on boosting your local search
engine ranking – boosting-search- engine-

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