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HotHouse Creative is a team of professional designers and developers

HotHouse Creative is a team of professional designers and developers helping businesses around the region and beyond make the most of their brand and marketing space.

Design and sandwiches

This year HotHouse have moved into the newly rennovated Provincial Tavern building – sharing the space with Jaks Kitchen Cafe and First Class Accounts.

The new purpose-designed studio maximises natural light, making for a great work space.

With Jak’s Island, renowned local chefs Kate Manly and Jessie Verhoef decided to quit the demands of night time restaurant service, and bring top end culinary expertise into the day and catering market. Their lunch options constantly surprise and delight, bringing a much needed dash of class to the local sandwich scene.


Building brands

HotHouse have been working with partners for over 20 years, helping develop and deliver brands that resonant in market.

Senior brand designer, Will Fletcher, says ‘It’s all about stories. Customers are bombarded with messages all day long, and now with social media, 24/7. To really cut through we have to develop meaningful brand story platforms that resonate with the market – and use them as a base to create all kinds of content’.

One recent success, Burger Culture in the Upper Trafalgar Precinct, goes from strength to strength.

‘We loved working with this local crew. They had a clear vision to bring a distinct dining experience to Nelson, and we supported them realise that vision with logo and collateral development that really sings. It helps that their burgers are off the charts great’ say Will.


Moving into motion

Social media is exploding. Making connections with customers via Facebook, Instagram and others becomes more and more essential to successful business.

Allan Innes-Walker, Creative Director, says ‘If you want to grab people’s attention, you have to consider motion content. With digital, it so easy to create exciting video content, and given the control you have over distribution and our ability to track and optimise rates of engagement, social is the place to invest now’

‘A lot of businesses still undervalue social’, says Innes-Walker. ‘Short and sharp campaigns are a great way to test the waters, get a sense of what’s possible with minimal investment, and move forward at your pace’.


Cornerstone clients

HotHouse work with many of the key organisations in Nelson Tasman – from Port Nelson, to NMIT, Nelson City Council, Tasman District Council and SME’s across the region.

‘We’ve been around a long time’ says Innes-Walker. ‘And we’ve learned a lot. Every business is different and has it’s own complexities. It’s our job to understand the intracies involved – that’s how we deliver relevant work in good time. And it leads to long term relationships that are the most rewarding.’


Websites big and small

HotHouse have been delivering web solutions for over two decades. Two great platforms have come to the fore – SquareSpace and SilverStripe.

Senior Web Designer, Sally McDonald says ‘We’ve seen, and used, every platform that’s come along. But the market has reached maturity. SquareSpace sites are robust and almost an industry standard – elegant sites that are easy to update, and look great on any device, whether it’s your PC or mobile.’

‘SilverStripe is for more extensive business units. It’s a New Zealand based platform, approved by the New Zealand government as the platform of choice. We love the integrity of the platform and is content management system’.


Wellington and beyond

Like many local business, HotHouse client portfolio extends beyond Nelson Tasman.

‘Working in Wellington is our chance to extend our team into other exciting areas. Many of our clients are embedded in the governance sector – like Public Service Associate and Fish and Game NZ. These are large organisations doing very important work, and it’s hugely rewarding to be involved in nationally important conversations – like fresh water and sustainable economics’



Above the design studio sit three modern apartments, available for short term stays.

‘Saving the building was a huge priority to us’ says Marie Waterhouse, HotHouse Director. ‘It’s a beautiful old building, and even though it wasn’t heritage listed it holds a lot of history. We wanted to preserve the building but make it relevant for modern businesses – and the way bookings have taken off we can see people are enjoying the space’.

All apartment are self-contained with kitchens. Two of the apartments feature separate bedrooms, and each apartment has a parking space below.

Bookings for the apartments can be made through


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