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Do you think Nelson will like this?

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On June 29 Pavegen launched its latest installation at Bird Street, which runs off Oxford Street, the busiest shopping site in Europe. Commissioned by the New West End Company and Transport for London, a 20 square metre array of our award-winning V3 technology is the centre piece of what has been billed the ‘world’s first smart street’.

The kinetic energy of visitors’ footsteps is being converted into electricity to power bird sounds during the day and a lighting display at night. The launch also coincides with release of our app, which rewards people for their footsteps via the Tribal Planet Citizen Earth platform. Pavegen is accompanying Airlabs, an air cleaning bench and Airlite whose paint removes VOCs and NOx emissions from the air, which has been applied to pop-up shopping pods. The street, which has been transformed from a forgotten side road into an attractive and healthier oasis, has really caught the imagination of local communities. A successful communications campaign has led to articles and videos by the world’s press.

Since the launch, Pavegen has been praised in the media worldwide with exclusive pieces in the BBC, CNBC, The Times and Inhabitat.


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