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Sewer rehabilitation – Bridge and Alma Street

What we are doing

To rehabilitate 786m of sewer pipeline along Bridge and Alma Street (as shown above) using a trenchless liner method called Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP).

This methodology briefly involves the following steps:

  • Gaining access to the existing manholes or access points along the pipeline.
  • Inspect the pipeline section between the two access points, using a CCTV pipeline camera.
  • Clean the section of pipeline with a high-pressure water jet and remove any obstructions.
  • Install a flexible liner down the section of pipeline.
  • Expand the liner to fit firmly into the existing pipeline. This is done using either water or air pressure. Once the liner has set, the pressure is released.
  • Reconnect any house/building laterals that drain into the pipe.

The completed liner will ensure a watertight pipeline for the next 50+ years without the need to dig up the road.

Why we are doing it

Due to age, parts of the existing sewer network are beginning to deteriorate. Instead of removing and replacing the entire system, Council will install a new pipe within the existing one. This is a less invasive and more cost-effective solution, which will provide a better service and extend the life of the system by 50+ years.


CCTV Inspection of the pipe will start in early May and should take two working weeks. The actual CIPP installation is expected to start in early June and should take around six weeks to complete. CCTV inspection work will be carried out during the day but to minimise disruption, installation work happen overnight from 7 pm – 6 am Sunday – Thursday.

Traffic Conditions

Traffic management measures will be implemented to allow safe and efficient installation of the pipe liner.  Access to properties will be possible during working hours, however, parking will be restricted at times to allow access to manholes.


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