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How To Get More Customers For Your Business

A while back I was talking to a local business who had spent $1000 on some newspaper advertising, only to get 2 phone calls and zero sales. While this may be extreme, she is not alone. Traditional advertising continues to increase in cost, and decrease in effectiveness.

This is not surprising when you consider the latest research shows that 60-90% of all offline business comes from online. Put simply, if your website is not getting found, or converting its visitors, you are losing 60-90% of your potential business. (And this is true for just about every type of business you can imagine.)

As hinted at above, there are two critical parts to getting more customers from the internet. The first is getting qualified leads to your website. The second is getting that lead to take action (ie buy something from your site, call you, or come visit your shop or office.)

Simply having a website is not enough.

There are many strategies you can use to get prospects to your site, though not all strategies are created equally, and some work better for some business than others. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Adwords, Social Media, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and many more techniques can be used, many off which cost far less than traditional advertising, and enjoy far better results.

The second part is getting those visitors to convert. Most websites are built by web developers. The problem is, developers are rarely marketers. The lack the knowledge of how to build a website that actually converts visitors to customers. To do this you need to ensure not only a professional look and good user experience, but good copywriting, email marketing and retargeting strategies.

While all of this may sound complicated, with a little basic instruction it need not be. One thing is for sure though, the offline business that will continue to grow in the future are those that take the time to understand how to leverage the online world.

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Leon Jay

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