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Aboki Hairdresser’s Article

Interview with Melissa van Gosliga,
Owner of Aboki Hairdressers.

How long have you been hairdressing and owned Aboki Hairdressers?

I moved up to Nelson from Timaru with my Husband and daughter. My mum who’s also a hairdresser had moved up to Nelson with my dad when my dad got sick. We wanted to be closer to them. I’ve been hairdressing 31 years, and have owned Aboki for 23.5 years. My husband John also joined Aboki 17 years ago, and he has been such an asset to our predominantly female team.


What do you find the most rewarding about your job?

I started hairdressing because my mum had a salon in Timaru. I’ve always been a hard worker from a young age and it gives me so much joy making other people happy. It’s really rewarding to build relationships with other people, and have a positive effect on their life. Aboki has a few clients who have been coming ever since the beginning, so we have seen each others lives evolve and watched each others children grow up.

Why do you think Aboki is different from other salons?

We endeavor to be there when our clients need us, so we are open 6 days a week (Sunday being a family day), and we are usually open 12 hours a day (subject to season and how busy we are). With currently 17 members of staff, we are larger than most other salons, giving you the choice of which stylist works for you.

We have a friendly and inviting atmosphere, and it’s really important to us that you leave our salon happy.

The Aboki Team works as one, and we support each other to give our clients the best possible service. Our regular training evenings extend our skills within this industry, no one ever stops learning.

We also don’t take as long as other salons when you have a colour service. We have several machines called ‘Electric Masters’ that cut down the colour processing time through a process of heating. So instead of a colour taking 45 min to and hour to process, it can take 15 minutes!

FAQs for Hairdressers – Is there really a difference between supermarket hair products to in-salon products?

Yes there are massive differences! When you buy Shampoo and Conditioner for example from our salon, the product is super concentrated and is prescribed, it’s not made for everyone! It’s more to sort out an issue, whether that be fluffy hair, you might need nourishment, or scalp conditions etc. Using great hair products really helps to accentuate a good colour and cut. If you have just spent the money to have your hair done professionally, you really need to use quality products to maintain that condition and colour. Quite often supermarket hair products can strip the colour from your hair.

FAQs for Hairdressers – Do frequent trims make the hair grow stronger?

Having regular trims helps prevent slip ends and loss of length. Good quality Shampoo/Conditioner, heat protection if you use a hair dryer or straightener, and regular treatments also add moisture to stop drying out and breaking off, especially after chemical services such as straightening and colours.

If I would like to book into Aboki, how do I go about that?

We have instant online booking available via our website. We also have links to our Social media sites which shows our up to date work.

If you are unsure about what you would like to have done and would like a professional opinion, we offer complimentary consultations so you can talk to a stylist about your options. We love seeing new faces in the salon, and hope to see you soon!


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