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Gold found in Nelson!

Nelson’s Gold diggers

We packed the ute up and hit the road heading for the gold claim.
Sleep the night before didn’t come easy with the visions of making our riches
with our findings reminded me of Scrooge Mcduck surrounded by gold.
I’d worked the claim before and knew that with knowledge of where to look, the
results were more than rewarding.
We drove up the river and picked our way cautiously around the boulders and
under branches while maintaining traction as to not get stuck.
We came to a slight deeper looking area so we got out to check, it looked ok if we
stuck to the left as under the water there was a steep drop off and the river bed
was made of very loose soft gravel.
We edged forward and the ute slid down into the deeper section, to be honest it
felt like it was being pulled deeper. I quick change of gear into reverse and foot
down on the gas…………nothing we were only going in one direction and that
wasn’t a good one.
How deep? The headlights were under water and water was right up to the seat
when we opened the door.
With all the weight at the front of the ute it meant there was no traction in the
loose gravel at the back wheels.
The only recovery gear I had was a 2500kg tie down strop and a set of maxtrax.
Gutless is one word to describe this ute, not even enough power to fight the
water to spin the wheels. We had to find a rock and get some backwards
pressure on the ute to give the wheels traction, but still there was no power to
turn them.
What a bloody start to the day! The thoughts of finding our riches where now
looking at reality, being stuck in a river wet up to the shrivel parts and no proper
recovery gear.
After over an hour of using what limited gear we had we got out, bit of blood, bit
of sweat a few blisters but we were out!
We parked the ute up at and angle so it could then start to dry. Time for a brew
and then we set up the gold dredge as after all this is what we were doing in the
river in the first place.
We are often asked about making rings using clients own alluvial gold that they
have found of they have been given from a family member.
This is becoming more popular as is people are becoming more aware of the
ethical side of the life we should be living.
When I got offered to buy the claim, I jumped at it as I not only knew we can then
offer our clients ethical gold from the Nelson region we could show them the
photos and videos of the gold in their jewellery being found.
Making jewellery from start to finish just got a whole lot better.
It reminds me growing up when we had a vegetable garden and your food was
what you grew. Or making a curry from scratch not just open the jar.
Making something in the back yard with your kids is also building memories.
The same thing comes from the ethical gold we offer anyone who chooses to
have it.

We found a nice location that had some really good big boulders, which normally
disrupt the flow of a flooded river causing a different current. If there is gold in
the area, it is these places that you can often find it. When looking at a river for
gold you have to imagine it if full flood, gold being heavy it only travels when
there is enough water flow to get it moving.
We worked the dredge for a good 5 hours under and around a few big boulders,
and after a few brews and lunch we did a final clean up for the day and found
enough gold to say the day was more than a success.
Was there a moral to the story? Maybe just take some proper winch gear rather
than leave it at home like I did.
Until our next Journey, safe and happy travels to you all.

Glen James

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