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Business Building Blocks Workshop – Marketing – Your Messaging & Developing Content

Presenter: Chris Butler, The Marketing Studio

Your Messaging and Developing Content – how to build your brand

The third of four insightful workshops from Nelson based marketing consultancy The Marketing Studio. One of the most important elements of a business is creating a brand and building your personality. This session will give you key tips and tricks on how you can create messaging and develop content to market your business.

Anyone looking to start a business or current business owners that are looking to develop and grow their business branding and personality. Anyone interested in understanding the process behind content planning and creating an effective message – what is your goal? For example recruiting people to your brand or raising awareness.


When building a business one of the first things you need to do is establish a clear brand persona through imagery, symbols, colours and a general ‘feel’ of how you would like to be portrayed; generally this ‘brand personality’ will reflect your key target market. Over the 2 hour session we will get you to think about all of the above elements and other marketing material (websites and brochures), slogans and taglines and social layout – in order to create uniformity across all platforms. We will then look at creating content. This will be more than just words on a page, content is strategic, planned, structured, and measured.


  • Key elements to think about when building a brand persona
  • The importance of key messages
  • How to develop content


  • Feel confident in your brand personality
  • Have a ‘brand bible’ to use across all marketing materials
  • Create successful and effective content in relation to your required objectives

This workshop will be interactive with Q&A’s highly accepted so come prepared to analysis your business and get yourself into a position where you are comfortable with your marketing.

The Marketing Studio:
At the end of the workshop please feel free to talk to The Marketing Studio about how we can further assist you with your marketing strategy.

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