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Pearls of wisdom from Louise Douglas Jewellery – Everything your Grandmother told you is true…

Pearl jewellery is hugely flattering to the complexion.  Pick a shade that complements your natural skin tone and they will reflect a luminosity on your face.  White pearls suit everyone, rosy tones are more suited to English roses and if you are darker or more olive skinned go for a peacock coloured pearl. When you wear pearls you don’t always have to dress them up.  Dress them down with a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt and blazer – that’s the new twin set. Pearls can be worn at any age, and still look contemporary. They’re simple, yet elegant appearance make pearls great accessories at the office, at night and even when running daily errands.

Louise Douglas Jewellery uses cultured freshwater pearls in their jewellery. These pearls are farmed and created using freshwater mussels. Cultured pearls are produced in Japan and the United States on a limited scale, but are now almost exclusively produced in China.  Quality of cultured freshwater pearls is evaluated through a grading system of a series of A values, based on lustre, shape, surface, colour and matching. Louise uses a variety of colours, sizes and quality in her jewellery.

Caring For Your Pearls: Pearls are resilient and meant to be worn, but they are also delicate and require proper care.  Use the following guidelines to enjoy your pearl necklaces, rings, and earrings and protect them for generations to come.  • Never expose pearls to dish or wash detergents, bleaches, powdered cleansers, baking soda, ammonia-based cleaners, vinegar or lemon juice. • Never use toothbrushes, scouring pads or abrasive materials to clean pearls. • Take your pearls off when applying cosmetics, hair spray, and perfume, when showering or swimming. Store them in a soft jewellery pouch. • Even with the best of care, small parts of jewellery may come loose. Before wearing, carefully check such parts as the prongs and wire that support the jewels, the clasps of necklaces, the hooks of earrings. If you have any questions about your pearl jewellery stop by Louise’s new studio and boutique located at 191 Hardy Street in Nelson City.

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