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Women’s weight loss through ages and stages – Jenny Craig

Women’s weight loss can happen at any stage of life, but one thing is undeniable – as we age, we change. In many ways, this is for the better. We become more confident and comfortable with who we are. We become wiser, emotionally stronger and more resilient in so many ways. But with this, our body and metabolism changes, meaning the way we approach weight loss needs to change too. It’s important to maintain a healthy weight at any age, so consider the following to achieve your optimum weight as you move through the ages and stages of life.

In your 30s

Most women begin to notice the effects of ageing in their thirties. Those winter kilos tend to hold on a little longer, and your daily walk isn’t always enough to squeeze yourself back into last summer’s shorts. But while our bodies are certainly changing, one thing that tends to shift in a big way at this point in life is time (or lack thereof!).

Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, helping out with family or running around after toddlers, you are probably finding yourself with a lot more on your plate (sometimes even literally as you scoff up the kids’ leftovers). See if you can develop the habit of prioritising your weight loss goals. This means making lists and plans, asking for help from your partner or family, and working with your Jenny Craig consultant to come up with an activity and meal plan to suit your busy schedule.

In your 40s

This is where women’s weight loss starts to become a little more of a challenge. You’re up against a slowing metabolism and falling estrogen levels, which means you’re burning fewer calories / kilojoules and the urge to snack on sweet treats is growing (if you’re stashing goodies under your pillow at night, you’re not the only one!).

The main principles of weight loss remain – your energy output should be greater than your caloric input. Because the calories / kilojoules are burning a little slower, you’ll need more exercise and less on your plate. Don’t be disheartened. The great thing about being in your forties is that you are so grounded in who you are and you know what you want. Use that motivation to drive you forward. Don’t be shy to reach out for support from your network, and trust the Jenny Craig program to supply you with the perfect portions for this stage of life.

In your 50s

As with any age, weight loss is mostly about improving your diet and being more active. As you enter your fifties and beyond, a balanced exercise program becomes even more important. Resistance or strength training will help to build and maintain muscle, cardio will offset the decrease in your metabolism, and stretching will improve the range of motion in your joints to keep you comfortable and mobile. Maintaining your social life is fundamental to your health and wellbeing as you age, and will help you to stay motivated on your weight loss journey.

So stay connected to your network, seek support from the Jenny Craig team, and choose to engage in healthy activities with friends – like creating nutritious meals together and exercising. Most importantly – remember that it’s never too late. Being a healthy weight will serve you so well as you age.

By Jessica Humphries

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