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B Social makes it to the Top 5 as a finalist for Best Social Media Educator and Best Emerging Social Media Marketer of the year 2019

I am beyond excited & thrilled to announce that I made it to the Finals for the 2019 Social Media Marketing Awards for Australia and New Zealand in the following two categories:

– Best Social Media Educator of the Year, and
– Best Emerging Social Media Marketer of the Year.

“The finalists were selected after an extensive judging process that included judges from 6 different countries, with a record number of entries” arriving to the Social Media Marketing Institute this year!

It will be an honour to contribute to putting Nelson and New Zealand on the social media world stage at the Social Media Marketing Awards Ceremony in August in Sydney and be recognised on a global level by industry leaders in the social media marketing space.

Attending the Growth Marketing Confrerence New Zealand.
The B!Social Story

When I launched B!Social only 20 months ago, I would never have thought to get this far, especially in such a short time. All I knew from the start that my idea and vision will eventually lead to success. I knew it will be hard work, too, and I had the drive to work hard to make it work.

I felt there was a need for what I had to offer. I wanted to share my knowledge and skills  that I have gathered along my international career as a diplomat to contribute to the growth of local businesses and organisations. Knowledge that will contribute to the region’s growth. The country’s growth. The place I decided to choose as my new home with my family.

The most difficult part, if I look back, was before I started it all. The decision and determination to get it started. To switch careers. To leave professional diplomacy behind, and become a digital diplomat.

To step out of my comfort zone. To get over myself, my fears, my limitations. And to dare to do something that I love and truly fulfills me. So I can bring the best of myself to help my clients succeed.

Was it all worth? Totally!
And… It’s been quite a journey! I learned so much. I still learn every second. And I’m facing and overcoming new fears that keep on emerging. It’s often hard, lonely, limiting. And yes, it pushes me forward.

Thank you again for coming along on the B!Social journey – all my amazing clients and colleagues, friends, who supported me along the way! All this wouldn’t have been possible without you. You are my constant source of inspiration to learn more so I get better and deliver more value every day!

The Social Media Marketing Awards (SMMA) is organised by the Social Media Marketing Institute. It attracts entries from some of Australia and New Zealand’s biggest brands. SMMA honours and recognises individuals, teams, agencies and organisations, to celebrate excellence and achievement in social media marketing.

The Awards Gala dinner will be held in 15 August 2019 in Sydney.
You can find more information here.

Congratulations to all nominees and finalists who made it so far, including some of my colleagues and fellow social media marketers. I wish you all the very best of luck! So super excited to be part of this and looking forward to celebrating with you all.

#bsocialnow is going to Sydney!!!! Please cross your fingers! 🙂

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