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Katie from Taking Shape shares her experience on her recent trip to Waitata Bay

Life is busy! Balancing family, work, and friends is always challenging! But so important as life is short!

I find balance in planning weekends away with our group of friends to which we refer to as our “framily”! Combining weekends away with other families keeps the cost down and also allows you to discover places you wouldn’t normally have found!

Recently we went to a lodge in Waitata Bay, and it was glorious! The drive there was long but fun, with part of the way being gravel. Lots to look at on the way too, so it didn’t really feel that long!

The weather wasn’t the best but that didn’t matter. There was so much to do for kids and adults alike. We had two lodges which housed us all, and there was plenty of room for everyone.

The views were phenomenal even with the damp weather!

So many activities for all, we never saw the kids (except when they were hungry)

Kayaking, fishing, a games room with pool and darts. It was an endless stream of outside fun things for kids of all ages to do ,and not a device in sight!

It’s really important to have this time to reconnect with your family as we are all so busy with our commitments etc! It gives you the rejuvenation you need to continue to be the BEST version of you

Katy xxx

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