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7 Great Reasons To Buy Locally Made Jewellery – Louise Douglas Jewellery.

Louise Douglas Jewellery

It’s true, buying NZ handmade jewellery can be more of an investment than it’s imported, mass-produced counterparts.  Here are a few reasons why we think it’s the best choice to make…

1) Process: As makers, we have a very intimate relationship with each design we create. With small-scale production, you know our love and energy goes into every piece. 

 2) Materials: We really value the materials involved in our collections, and they are of the best quality. We also make sure our components are sourced from reputable suppliers.

3) Quality: Because we do smaller scale production, our standards are very high, and we have the ability to track and control the quality from start to finish in our studio.

4) Service: When you purchase from a small owner operated business such as Louise Douglas Jewellery you get the personal and friendly service you deserve. We are available to speak directly to our customers and guide them through their selection process.

5) Integrity: As artisans, we are incredibly proud of the work we produce. Therefore, we are not going to let any work of inferior quality leave our studio, and we stand by the quality of all our jewellery. 

6) Environmental: When you buy local NZ made products, you reduce your carbon footprint and support your national economy. We encourage you to consider buying quality, well-designed items, that don’t put a strain on our environment.

7) It Feels Good: When you buy NZ handcrafted jewellery, you can feel terrific about your purchase for many years to come. Just knowing you have a unique piece by a local artist in your jewellery collection is worth the little extra investment.

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