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Latest News and Updates from Nelson Airport | July 2019

A Message from the CEO

The completion of the terminal building remains our focus with our team of dedicated contractors and management continuing to make great headway for completion in October of this year.

Adjustments to terminal precinct access, carparking, signage and pick up – drop off lanes continue to be a part of our total project completion and we do appreciate the patience of both our stakeholders and customers while work occurs in these areas.

As our end of financial year nears and a new one begins the team is busy preparing business plans to ensure Nelson Airport continues to expand and grow its services and contribution to the region while on the way to achieving our Vision as “The Best Regional Airport in New Zealand”  

On the back of significant growth over the last three years, which has created a new normal for many businesses, there are some indications that growth will be slower looking 12-18 months ahead. Nelson Airport is working very closely in partnership with our airlines to ensure demand remains strong and our region maintains a very healthy aviation environment. 

Thanks for your continued patience and support while construction comes to an end and we look forward to celebrating this major milestone in October.

Robert Evans
Chief Executive Officer, Nelson Airport

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