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About Us

We’ve always been all about bikes. Since those hazy days of building back street dirt jumps, through to working with some of the cycle industry’s most awarded brands… it’s in our blood.

As our environment changes and we look for ways that we can reduce our footprint, electric bikes have been a total game changer… and we wanted in. However everything that we looked at fell short; poor design and cheap components were the everyday. If we couldn’t find what we wanted, we soon realised that we’d have to make it ourselves.

We started Rev Bikes with a clear vision to bring style, quality and performance to the masses.

Let’s Ride The Revolution together.

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Style, Quality, Performance

Rev bikes are not your run of the mill machines. When we set out on this journey, we knew that the market needed something different – Not just electric bikes… But ones that carried a sense of style that would turn heads. We also knew that performance and quality need to go hand in hand – That cheap imitations wouldn’t cut it. We consulted with you and worked tirelessly with our designers & suppliers, and are proud to deliver the very best electric bikes on the market today.

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