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Expressions Florist, a recycling point for your coffee capsules.

Four years ago, Rosie from Expressions Florist teamed up with Nespresso to be a part of their Coffee Capsule Recycling programme, using the flower shop as a drop of point for the public to dispose of their capsules. “When the conversation came up, I thought, that’d be a cool service to provide for the community…  In some of the more prominent centres, you can drop your capsules back into the local Nespresso store, but Nelson doesn’t have that available.  With the absence of a physical shop, the majority of Nelson’s Nespresso consumers purchase their pods online, meaning that they are responsible of disposing them, and if recycling, at their own cost…” Says Rosie.

In this time, Expressions Florist has recycled more than 100,000 coffee capsules on behalf of Nelsonians.  “I would never have believed how popular the programme would become.  Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t come in to drop off pods or call up to inquire about bringing them in.”

What do you have to do?

–    Collect up your aluminium coffee capsules at home. No need to clean them or empty them, just as they are.

–    Bring your collection of used capsules to Expressions Florist and pop them into their Nespresso box.

–    Stop and smell the roses knowing that you have done your bit to make a difference.

What happens from here?

The team at Expressions will fill 3 Nespresso recycling bins a week on average. Once these are filled, they are secured and picked up by Courier Post who take them to a specialist recycling plant based in South Auckland. Here the coffee and aluminium packaging are separated.

Your used coffee grounds are sent to an industrial composting facility where they are reused to make fertilizer or to make biofuels. The aluminium is sent back to the aluminium industry where it is turned into new products such as food packaging, cars, computer parts and even new Nespresso capsules.

Rosie @ Expressions Florist

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