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This is a gem of a show! Portraits In Motion on at the Festival Mainstage on Sunday 20th Oct | Nelson Arts Festival

 What began as a one-to-one travelling theatre grew into a 16-year odyssey, turning photographs into magical flipbooks.

Volker Gerling is an intrepid traveller and passionate creator of flipbooks. Since 2003 he has walked some 4000km, inviting people to view his “thumb book cinema”, all the while adding to his catalogue of photographs. Gerling looks for the hidden magic in seemingly everyday encounters, transforming them into photographic flipbooks.

In his show, Gerling projects his flipbooks-in-motion onto a big screen. As the portraits come to life in a series of enchanting and precious moments, he shares some gentle but profound reflections on the transitory nature of the moment, and the significance of personal encounters.

“Uniquely heart warming.” THE TIMES

“… little gems that let you see the world a little differently. Just delightful.” WHAT’S ON STAGE UK

“A rare highlight, memorable, completely without pretension, lovingly done.” THEATER DER ZEIT

Winner Total Theatre Award for Innovation and playing with form, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2015

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