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Paintball in Nelson

Cable Bay Adventure Park takes every necessary measure to ensure each individuals personal safety and we follow government guidelines in relation to health and safety for all visitors to our paintball site. 

All players receive a full safety briefing prior to combat commencing – this covers proper use of equipment with an emphasis on safety precautions. All equipment that players are required to wear is issued prior to the games commencing and include padded jackets, overalls and full face non fogging masks for extra protection. 

Does it hurt?

The referee staff ensure the correct standards of play are followed – Every paintball gun is checked for velocity before every game so that the paintballs are flying at less than 290 feet per second. At these speeds, the ball’s impact is more startling than painful.

Do I need a reservation?

The paintball field is open to the Public 7 days a week year round but reservations are needed. We require a minimum of 8 players to make a game however smaller groups and individuals may be able to join with other groups. Teams are divided so they are evenly matched while allowing players who want to play together to do so. Private games available by reservation. 

Arrival times / Game length

You should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your game start time. Games generally end when the opposition flag is captured or when a pre arranged time is reached. Multiple games may be played in the time slot with most groups staying between 2 & 3 hours

What to bring

Please bring sturdy footwear and old clothing. You can bring your camera or phone also. You are welcome to bring your own camouflage or combat clothing (paintball marks wash out) We supply all protective gear and camouflage overalls

What is the terrain like?

Our paintball field is set in a small valley with a stream running through the middle. There are buildings, bushes and trees, dugouts and other structures within the field of play.

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