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STILL ME Exhibition Gala Opening | Activate Physiotherapy

STILL ME is an exhibition featuring large format photographic images printed on Japanese silk with accompanying video installations. It explores the journey from illness to wellness, re-found identity and body confidence following a cancer diagnosis. It is a reminder of our inner beauty and light that no disease can extinguish. An emotional reconciliation of body and soul-STILL ME!

STILL ME is a collaboration between Jose Gay Cano- photographer and artist , and Helen Nott, local physiotherapist and deliverer of cancer rehabilitation services through the PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Charitable Trust.

The exhibition endeavours to empower and give voice to the women who will be sharing their images as part of their emotional healing, as well as to create a greater awareness within the community of the availability and need for specialist cancer rehabilitation.

They images enable the viewer to enter into a silent dialogue with the women portrayed as they are reminded that cancer is a disease that is not distinguished by age, ethnicity, gender or lifestyle and can affect anyone at any time.

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