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Burger Culture’s Journey

Burger Culture’s history began way before the spot was open to the public. Burger Culture, or B.C, has been decades in the making. I won’t go too far back so I will just give you a few tasters.

Let’s start with the folks. Ian and Sally, from the moment I can remember hospitality was part of their everyday life – dinner parties for friends, all the kids bringing friends round after school, big family parties at our house, and pretty much every night we were forced to sit at the dinner table with each other discussing the day that was (more like finding ways to get rid of our broccoli or mums badly burnt pizza crusts, I think you would have better luck finding moisture in the Sahara Desert than on that). Don’t get me wrong, she cooked some fantastic food as well, the inedible pizza dish has just stuck in my head.  

I am not saying the kids are perfect, but we have taken those hospitality traits and run with them. There are four of us; Phil, Zoe, Howard and me, Chris. Together along with our very good family friend, Scott Wright and all of our staff past and present, we are BURGER CULTURE.

Burger Culture was a brainchild of my sister Zoe and I. We wanted to take things we loved and put them in an environment where everyone else could enjoy them as well. We love the 90’s and 00’s culture, street art and of course, we love burgers.

Once the idea was established, it was a team of very talented hospitality-driven businesspeople that made it become a reality. Phil worked tirelessly with builders and designers to make it become a physical space. If it weren’t for him, our kitchen would have been too small (thanks to an original design flaw) actually to fit people in it to cook the burgers, that was a close one!

Then we had the food to work on. Cue Scott Wright, a brother from another mother, him and I worked for six months on burger buns, beef patties, the BC cheese and many flavour combinations. I think I put on about 20kg in that time (it’s a hard life).

Zoe then had the task along with the help from Howard and her Assistant Manager, Madolyn, to come up with everything front of house – cocktails, beers, shakes and everything else that makes people feel great about coming to our spot.

All would not be possible without Ian and Sally. From birth, we were taught to love, care and be hospitable to everyone we met in our lives. We’ve made it our goal as a part of this industry to take someone’s day and make it better, and we love that challenge. Yeah, we may fail sometimes, but we promise to keep working hard to keep people smiling.

It is truly a labour of love, and we hope that Nelson loves it too.


Burger Culture 

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