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Onwards and upwards for Nelson Airport

Media Release

26 September 2019

After nearly four years, Jetstar’s decision to pull out of regional flying is a disappointing day for Nelson and the aviation industry in New Zealand generally, but was a fantastic period of growth for our region” says Nelson Airport’s Chief Executive Officer, Robert Evans.
“Along with our other airlines, Jetstar brought a competitive edge to air links in regional centres, which gave a new type of passenger the opportunity to fly for the first time. We have enjoyed a wonderful period of growth thanks to their services” says Mr Evans.
“Jetstar has carried nearly 680,000 passengers since they started on December 2015 and captured around 17% of the market share for Nelson. In turn this had a positive effect on Air Zealand who increased capacity and stimulated travel to our region.
“We expect a healthy proportion of this market will transfer to either Air New Zealand or Sounds Air for our Wellington customers. And we welcome Air New Zealand’s response to support affected passengers and honour low fares in the regions.”
Mr Evans says Jetstar’s decision does not affect Nelson Airport’s new terminal, which will open fully in October, as the design was well advanced and agreed with existing airlines prior to the arrival of Jetstar in 2015.
“The old terminal was designed to cater for 500,000 passengers per year and even before Jetstar, Nelson Airport was processing more than 750,000 passengers per year.
“While Jetstar’s decision is disappointing, there has been strong growth in visitors to our region, and those travellers will continue to enjoy an enhanced experience, which our remaining carriers will support.”


For more information contact:
Robert Evans,
Chief Executive Officer, Nelson Airport Limited
M: 027 766 7071

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