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Raffaello & Susanna from Babagatto on My Restaurant Rules | TVNZ on Demand tonight at 7:30 pm


A local cooking competition like never before! Five teams from five real restaurants will put their livelihoods at stake in a bid to find out whose Restaurant Rules.

premieres on TVNZ OnDemand
1st October @ 7:30 pm

BABAGATTO is ready for this new adventure!!!

Are you?

These Nelson locals and Italian natives pride themselves on their handmade pasta – but will the judges deem their authentic cuisine delizioso?

Team Nelson: Raffaello Sirri and Susanna Aricò

Loud, honest and passionate Italian friends Raf ‘the showman’ and Susanna are excited to showcase everything their Nelson-based Italian restaurant Babagatto has to offer in this competition! 

Susanna is head chef and has a real passion for creating dishes with love and heart – like she had growing up in Italy. And she certainly gets Raf’s seal of approval, “She has a great passion for food, in a real Italian old mamas’ way”.

Owner Raf not only runs the front of house, he also helps handmake the pasta. He believes it’s important for those who work with customers to also be involved in the cooking, so they know exactly what goes into the dishes. 

Raf and Susanna are hoping their pasta dishes wow the judges, so they can use the winnings to further their culinary skills with studying.

Tell us about the cuisine in your restaurant:

Susanna: Traditional homemade Italian food.

Describe your restaurant in five words or less: 

Susanna: Homely, warmth, authentic, simple and rustic.

What is your favourite dish on your menu at your restaurant and why?

Raf: Tagliatelle al ragu Bolognese, because I grew up with this dish on the table five days a week and I make the sauce the same as I learnt from my grandma.

What’s your cooking philosophy?

Susanna: Make people feel like they’re in my own house and make them taste the flavour of my land.

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