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Exhibition Preview: Remastered by Parker Gallery

Friday from 18:00-20:00

Location: Parker Gallery (90 Achilles Avenue, Nelson)

Hosted by Parker Gallery

In ‘Remastered’, local artists Barbara Lawson and Maggy Johnston join forces in the art of reinvention. Inspired by the Dutch Masters, Barb has created a body of work with opulence and whimsy. However, within each intricately reverse-painted masterpiece, she includes objects of personal and comical meaning from clothes pegs and musical instruments to rhino’s, elephants and native birds.

Maggy Johnston has re-mastered discarded materials through slowly and carefully applying them with the traditional skills of knitting, crochet and weaving. Using wire, thread, rope, catgut, and anything else that resembles twine, she references her work back to the feminine. Dairy factory solenoids become copper doilies, Grandma’s dresses and handbags. Fishing nylon becomes a knitted bodice while vintage glass syringes turn into over-sized jewellery.

A year in the making, this joint show revels in the element of surprise and is testament to the playful and experimental approach these two artists bring to their respective arts practices.

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