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Nelson’s very own Pitch Doctor

The Pitch Doctor

I’ve been making Belldrums for the last eight years. After a severe brain injury caused by a 30 feet fall from a Wellington scaffold in 2000, I began to suffer from depression and eventually became suicidal. Although I had always been interested in Sound Healing for years, this illness floored me, and nothing seemed to help. Antidepressants only made me more suicidal than ever. One day I heard the sound of a metal Hangdrum on YouTube, and it really affected me. It made me feel lighter and more positive. After researching the drum, I discovered that a Similar drum could be made with a recycled gas bottle.

I made one and began experimenting with it. It changed my moods and helped me when I got really down. Eventually, I started making them for more people.

Then, more and more people with Special Needs Children began to show interest because people who were not able to use any other musical instruments were able to play the Belldrums easily. Even blind people, people with only one working hand and people with limited hand movements could all play beautiful sound instantly and effortlessly.

One music therapist stated that students experienced joy and pleasure at creating in non-verbal ways and also increased their focus and engagement levels. Eventually, I developed special belldrum sticks for those students who had problems grasping the thinner sticks.

I would like more special needs schools and community units to have these drums, so I am looking for some help to get them to more places in New Zealand.

If you would like to get involved, you can contact me on 021 105 4289.

Best wishes

Jim Wafer

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