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Nelson City Council will close further reserves from Monday 10 February due to Fire Risk

With continuing hot and dry weather, and following the advice of Fire and Emergency New Zealand, Nelson City Council will close the following reserves from Monday 10 February:

Eureka Park
Titoki Reserve
Atmore Reserve
Venner Reserve
Bolwell Reserve
Pipers Reserve
Tantragee Reserve, including the Brook Mountain Bike Area/Codgers Trails
Days Track

The following reserves are already closed:

Grampians Reserve
Sir Stanley Whitehead Reserve
Marsden Valley Reserve
Maitai Water Reserve
Brook Conservation Reserve
Roding Water Reserve

While the tracks and reserves remain open this weekend, visitors are strongly advised to stay in the lower areas for ease of evacuation in the case of a fire. Avoiding the reserves during high fire risk times such as mid-afternoon when conditions are warmest is also recommended.

Credit: Nelson City Council

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