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We all know a good day begins with a great coffee. I regularly visit ZUMO, log into their wifi and do some online work. What is extra special, Annalisa (the owner) is one of those ultra positive types, who seems to remember everyone by name as she clears tables, takes orders and helps someone in who is in a wheel chair or similar.

For a busy cafe serving hundreds of customers each day, you would think you were a close friend popping over to her house for a cuppa. There has to be more to this person, so I dig a little deeper..

Born in the UK, Annalisa was working in the IT world, where she met her husband Allen. Cupid shot his arrow and aimed well. They have lived in Seattle, USA for 10 years but they were wanting more sunny weather. They searched the globe via Google Earth. Japan, Australia.. New Zealand?

After landing in Auckland with their daughter Claire, the search for sunshine began. Auckland city, the far north, Bay of Plenty, Wellington almost… they booked a ferry ticket to the South Island and the minute they drove down Gentle Annie hill into Nelson they saw the blue sea, sun and mountains and they knew it was the place for them.

Years on, they now own and operate ZUMO coffee. They love brewing fresh coffee featuring a wide range of coffee beans. “We want ZUMO to be a place where people can gather, chat openly and watch the world go by. We have large glass windows to let the sunlight in and we all love it.” says Annalisa.

“To be in the hospitality industry you really need to have a genuine passion for people. You build relationships with people by introducing and sharing something about yourself, and asking about their lives, or noticing something special about them. Although it can be a challenge to recall hundreds of names, preferences, and shared stories of your customers, I love this part of my life.“

“Every morning we have a group of regulars come in – we call them ‘the Morning Crew’. It’s fun to host and be a part of their annual Christmas BBQ. They are part of our family now. Like many people who have moved from overseas it’s hard being so far from our homeland, but our customers become friends and we love that.”

If you are looking for a spot to catch your breath, bring the grandkids or even book in their “bored room” for a meeting, ZUMO is outstanding and a haven of good vibes.

Located on cnr Bridge & Rutherford st (opposite Torpedo7).

Visit their website

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