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Kākā conservation and crafts – F&B Youth Nelson

Date/Time: Saturday at 1 PM – 3:30 PM

Location: Natureland Wildlife Trust (Hounsell Circle, Tahunanui Beach, Nelson)

Tickets: $5 (Bring on the day cash or eftpos) Find tickets now

Targeted age group: 14yr – 25yr olds

Join Forest & Bird Youth as we flock together at Natureland to explore “Conservation Corner”. We will learn about the breed-for-release program of kākā and kākāriki, craft some enrichment for the native birds and have free time to explore the zoo.

Flocks of boisterous kākā gather early morning and late evening to socialize – their amusing antics and raucous calls led Māori to refer to them as chattering and gossiping. Kākā are a friend to the forests and help keep them healthy. They are important for dispersal of large fruits, pollination of flowers and even assist with composting as they tear apart rotten logs in search of yummy invertebrates.

What are they doing at Natureland?
Three breeding pairs of South Island Kākā call Natureland home and are essential for producing the next generation of chicks that will be released into the Abel Tasman National Park. Their babies will provide the existing wild population with a much needed boost of numbers as well as genetic diversity.

Enrichment workshop with Avian Keeper
In the wild, animals must find food, defend territories, escape predators and build homes. In zoos, the majority of animals’ needs are provided by the keepers, so other methods of physical and mental stimulation must be provided to encourage natural behaviors = this is what’s known as “enrichment”.

We will craft some enrichment items for the Kākā and other native birds that enable them to engage in natural foraging behaviors and instincts. This is a chance to get creative, learn about animal behavior and have fun watching them destroy whatever you made!

Bring on the day:
$5.00 (cash or Eftpos ok)
– Covers enrichment resources and discounted entry fee into Natureland.

Limited number of tickets! Must sign up through the google form to get discounted entrance:

(postponement day: NONE – Dress for the weather )

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