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Rockgas and Covid 19

Update: March 24

Hi All,

The NZ Government have raised our COVID-19 response to a level 3 and will shift to COVID alert level 4 by Wednesday, 25 March 2019. This will effectively mean that all of New Zealand will be in lockdown and all non-essential business will be closed.

Only Essential Services will continue to operate during this period to provide ‘the necessities of life for everyone in New Zealand’.  Gas is listed under the Utilities and Communications including Supply Chains Category and as such, Rockgas will continue to operate.

We need to make sure that we continue to deliver energy to the New Zealand market for their everyday lives. Our priority and responsibility is to make sure that we do this in a way that upholds the current government guidance and protocols and we do this in a way that is safe for all our customers, partners and suppliers, as well as for our team.

To help our staff, customers, drivers and communities remain safe, there are several things you can do to make sure your LPG is delivered:

1. Order your LPG refills through the Rockgas app or via our website ( Our app, which is available to download on Android and the Apple store, is the easiest and fastest way to order an LPG refill.

2. Ensure everything is set up for your next LPG delivery so there is no need for personal contact.

  • Maintain social distancing
    • Stay indoors and avoid contact with Rockgas delivery drivers.
    • Your dockets, receipts or any other notifications will be left in your postbox
    • If you have questions, please direct these to 0800 762 452
  • Make your sure your property is accessible
    • Leave your gate (manual or electronic) open
    • Make sure your dogs are secure
    • Remove any obstructions around your LPG bottle storage area or meter area
  • Practice good hygiene
    • Avoid touching any of your bottles or any parts of your gas system (regulators or meters etc.)
    • If you need to, wash your hands before and after coming into contact with any part of the gas system
    • Then, sanitise any area that you come into contact with.

These are simple steps we have put in place to ensure we can deliver your bottles to you when you need it. Unfortunately, if these steps are not followed, we may not be able to deliver your bottles to you.

Our team are fully trained and are doing everything they can to minimise any risk of spreading infection by:

  • Wearing the correct PPE gear
    • Gloves and masks will always be worn when handling any customer bottles, dockets and receipts
  • Practice social distancing with customers and at Rockgas facilities
    • Staggered shift times have been introduced to minimise contact between Rockgas staff
    • No face to face interactions are carried out unless critical
    • All workplace communal spaces have been closed
  • Practicing good hygiene
    • Regular handwashing the right way (20 seconds)
    • Sanitising of all equipment and tools (including EFTPOS machines) after every use
  • All Rockgas offices are closed to the public. Please direct queries to 0800 762 542 or visit

We are committed to continuing to deliver you the energy you need in a way that helps supports all of New Zealand’s efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Kind regards,
Philip Dring
General Manager Rockgas

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