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Few tips from Louise Douglas jewellery on how to keep your jewellery look beautiful all the time.

During LOCKDOWN you may not be wearing your special LDJ jewellery items as much as normal. Here are a few tips so that the next time you wear them, they will still look beautiful and sparkling.
When you take off your jewellery give it a gentle little rub with a jewellery cloth or damp towel and mild soap before storing it. This will remove any grease or surface build up and prevent tarnishing in the future. Then dry and put your jewellery in a protective box or pouch, keeping items apart so they don’t rub together. Add a piece or chalk or silica packet to absorb any moisture. Now your jewellery will be as good as new for a night out on the town – once lockdown is lifted of course!
Stay accessorised and stay safe New Zealand! Kia Kaha.

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