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The interesting journey of Bronwyn. From big city living to regional sunshine.

Bronwyn Yelverton works as the Events and Fundraising Coordinator for the Cancer Society in Nelson. We asked her about what she did previously and how she landed in that role – you will find this journey really interesting.

Born in Christchurch, Bronwyn’s family relocated to Auckland during her teenage years. When she left school she worked in the Banking & Finance sector and later moved into Human Resources.

By that time starting a family was on the cards. With two children and a husband Bronwyn loved helping people and being a mum she desired some independence from the corporate world so she started her own business as a Personal Stylist. This involved helping clients with their clothes shopping, and general appearance.

“Helping others feel good about themselves instills confidence and impacts their life in many ways. First impressions count, especially in the corporate world. Yes, I got paid to go shopping! Isn’t that every girls dream?” she says laughing.

Bronwyn and her family moved to Nelson 4 years ago and were attracted to the relaxed lifestyle and amount of sunshine. “Working in a big city is interesting and exciting, but you end up working very long hours and the stressful dynamics of getting to and from work was exhausting.” says Bronwyn.

Initially she was going to volunteer at the Cancer Society while she settled in, but when she arrived in Nelson there was a job advertised and that’s how she ended up working there co-ordinating the communications, fundraising initiatives and events. The Cancer Society receives no funding by the government so regular events like Relay For Life, Daffodil Day, Charity Ball to name a few are vital to fund their organisation.

“This year we had to cancel the Relay For Life event in March due to the COVID-19 situation. The safety of our clients and supporters is the most important thing. Despite the cancellation teams managed to raise over $80,000 from a number of activities including raffles, cake bakes and quiz nights held prior. We were blown away by everyones efforts.”

All of our staff are currently working from home but can assist our clients remotely. You can read more about the great work, services and events run by the Nelson Cancer Society on their website.

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