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Georgia Rose – Attitude is everything

Georgia is a highly motivated and inspirational personality that works at Haven Property Management in Bridge st.

After leaving school she worked in cafes for a few years in the Richmond Mall area. Georgia was excited to hear NMIT were offering a Business Certificate in office admin. During her time at NMIT she reflects on working a job at Trailways directly after her classes finished from 4pm till late (sometimes till 3am) and then back to class the following day. She managed to pay her own way thru her studies and learnt some valuable skills at the same time.

Georgia then worked for a fashion retail shop called Pagani, then an Insurance Broker. A new retail opportunity opened and she spent 4.5 years at Whitcoulls where she learned multiple roles including sales, stock management, window displays, accounts, up-sells and more.

With a passion to grow her skillset Georgia took the initiative to print out 200 copies of her CV and deliver it to local business’s. The initial response was slow, so she printed 300 more, and thats how she connected with Haven Real Estate. By the age of 21 Georgia had her first office admin job.

This was great and as time went on, Darryl Marshall (the owner) was so impressed by her that he created a Business Development role specifically for Georgia, which she absolutely loves.

When I asked her what were some of the most important skills learned in the earlier years, and how they relate to her current position, she was quick to list 4 points:

1. Be confident – even if you are scared on the inside.

2. Following up is important – just because you get a no the first time doesn’t mean it’s a no forever.

3. Persistence – you have to keep trying. Don’t give up.

4. Learn to say no – there’s a lot of wisdom in not taking on everything that comes your way.

Georgia says, “Living is Nelson is amazing. The community here is incredible. We are successfully managing our clients properties using mobile phone video to keep safe and fully comply with the Level 4 lockdown situation.”

To learn more about Haven Property Management visit their website

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