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Homemade Donuts Recipe! | Burger Culture


Homemade Donuts!
This delish recipe only took us about half an hour and minimal effort, so good as well especially when fresh out of the oven
Ingredients – 1/2 cup milk (we used soy as a DF alternative)
– 1/4 cup butter (we used Olivani, set aside another 1/4 cup for coating)
– 1 cup flour (can use GF flour but will be denser)
– 1tsp baking powder
– 1tsp ground cinnamon (another 1tsp for the coating)
– 1/2 cup white sugar (another 1/2 cup for coating)

– Preheat oven to 190 degrees on bake
– Mix sugar, butter, ground cinnamon in a large mixing bowl
– Stir in the milk
– Gradually mix in baking powder and flour until just combined
– Portion out into donut tins
– Bake for 12-18 mins until golden in colour
– While the donuts are baking, melt another 1/4 cup of butter.
– Mix remaining cinnamon and sugar
– When the donuts are good to go, dip them in melted butter and then the sugar mix.

We just ate these plain and were delicious, but you could whip some cream to go with, or melted choc would be stunning!
Enjoy fam, hope you’re all safe and sound x

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