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Pure Eco Painting – thinking outside the square

What does a local painting company and the Amazon rainforest have in common? We spoke to Jonny Anderson, the owner of Pure Eco Painting and discovered a heartwarming story that will make you feel inspired.

Jonny formerly trained as a Chef and decided the hospitality industry wasn’t for him, so he embarked on a painting apprenticeship. Based in Wellington at the time, Jonny quickly rose to the challenge and found himself leading a team of painters. After many years mastering his trade he partook in the major painting restoration of Government house.

He couldn’t help but notice the negative impact the paint was having on the environment and the toxic smell was not good for breathing in. Jonny spent many hours researching alternate suppliers for paints, and decided to lead the way and just do it.

The Natural Paint Co. are based in Christchurch and produce paints that are 100% as vibrant, protective and resilient as traditional paints. They don’t have that toxic smell and every litre of paint he orders for his clients The Natural Paint Co. contributes towards the regeneration of the Amazon rainforest.

In the past 18 months Pure Eco Painting have contributed towards saving 17,046 square metres of rainforest.

“It’s great to know we can put back something into our planet and be part of the solution,” says Jonny.

His staff love working with these natural products which also include oils for timber which smell amazing and make it easy to enjoy the art of painting and not having headaches all the time.

They are seeking to work with schools to help improve the understanding and reduce toxin exposure for the students.

“Did you know that toxins in traditional paints are still being released after it’s dry? We feel very strongly about being part of the change and helping raise the general consciousness about these natural paint alternatives.” says Jonny

You can read more at the Pure Eco Painting website

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