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During Level 3 home deliveries these procedures will also be used as this was the plan submitted | Oaklands

Good evening all and well done for following the rules during COVID-19 Level 4, what a rollercoaster.
As we transition into Level 3 it’s important to keep on track with the lessons learnt over the last 5 weeks.

5 weeks ago we applied through MBIE to be an essential service provider. Since then we have had numerous interactions with more than 6 different government departments to ensure the plan and procedures we submitted to them were being conducted.

At that time we created a plan for levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 without knowing what advice and restrictions would be in place from the government. During Level 4 we made a plan to ensure all delivery staff were well trained and equipped with protective gear including gloves, masks and both hand and spray sanitisers. We also made the conscious decision to individually zone all of our staff and restrict interactions between them. Additionally to this, whilst performing home deliveries, we ensured there were 2 people in vehicles one to handle fresh milk bottles and one to handle return bottles. In between delivery and returning to the cab, sanitiser was used to clean all contact surfaces and a method of segregation was used in the back of the truck during deliveries. These procedures and the finer details were all submitted and approved – we were then audited by various agencies to ensure our compliance.

During Level 3 home deliveries these procedures will also be used as this was the plan submitted.

As other businesses open their doors over the upcoming days bear in mind they have new procedures in place to ensure everyone’s safety.

It may take longer than usual but this is what they have to do to comply.

Thanks again for your support – our staff and cows appreciate it.

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