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Global Soap – local, handmade, and all natural

We spoke to Jody at Global Soap and learnt a lot of interesting things about this very common product that we often take for granted.

Did you know that the earliest historical mentions of soap happened during early Roman empire days. Due to their ancient spiritual customs of animal sacrifice, the fat and ashes would run off the alters, into the river where the ladies were washing laundry. They subsequently found the linen easier to wash… surely this was more than a mere a coincidence?

Jody explains it was the early discovery of fats, combined with the ashes from the fires, started a natural reaction and formed the early versions of soap.

These days soap comes in all sorts of shapes, forms and sizes. Global soap continues to make on site in their Soap factory using the original “Cold process” method where natural ingredients are allowed to combine at a natural pace. They’re not heat treated to speed up the process, or enhanced by adding harmful chemicals like Sulphates as a foaming agent or Parabens as a preservative – the mix of oils used makes this unnecessary. It’s a beautiful, environmental product that is gentle on the skin. They even make a special soap for pets.

The owners Jody MacLeod and her partner Dave Mitchell were both living in Auckland when they learnt the founding owners had the business on the market when they jumped at the opportunity. Dave used to play for the Giants Basketball team back in the day and loved the idea of moving back to Nelson and buying a business.

“Global Soap was an inspirational idea that grew organically and was built through hard work and genuine passion by the founders Ingmarie & Bronwyn Shallcrass.” says Jody.

The lockdown has had a big effect on their ability to maintain usual sales volumes, however Fresh Choice in Nelson & Richmond stock their products, and when we go to Level 3 lockdown you’ll be able to email or phone in orders directly. They will contact you right back with payment details and arrange pick up from their cottage at 117 Nile St according to the Level 3 guidelines.

The Global Soap website has lots of info and you can scroll through all their amazing products. With products including Baking Soda Toothpaste, Essential Oils, Beer soap, there is something for everyone.

Check out their online shop at or contact directly at or call 03 546 8579.

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