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The Beauty Clinic – it’s all about feeling great

Skin. We all have it. In fact we have lots of it! We spoke with Stacey who is the owner of the Beauty Clinic located in upper Trafalgar St (above the Aromaflex shop)

Stacey comes from Christchurch and has been working in the beauty industry for 13 years. She has worked in all aspects of the beauty industry, from Day spas to Natropathy, including working alongside Appearance medicine nurses and advanced beauty technology machinery.

2 years ago she decided it was time to bite the bullet and run her own business and formed the Beauty Clinic.

When we asked her what inspired her to work in the beauty industry, Stacey says, “My aunty used to do free beauty treatments on me when I was a kid, and I loved how it made me feel confident and happy. From that point on I decided I wanted to do that for others.”

“I am very passionate about the skin. It’s the body’s largest organ. Did you know the average person has an average of 2 square meters of skin. It’s a huge part of our health and well being and needs to be looked after.”

Stacey is fully qualified and can help with a wide range of beauty needs. Her most popular service is Microdermabrasion. It’s about skin exfoliation using a special technique. Her clients love the results

Feeling the need for some pampering? Need your eyelashes done? Do you or a loved one experience a problem with acne or a weird skin irritation? Book an appointment with Stacey.

The Beauty Clinic also offers a wide range of quality skin and body health products and Stacey can advise you with the right product for your specific needs.



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