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Beautify your berm: Free plants available for Nelson residents | Nelson City Council

Nelson City Council offers free plants once a year to eligible properties for planting in roadside berms.

Check on the Council website if the berm outside your place is suitable for planting and if you meet the criteria.

Then complete a plant request form and up to ten plants will be delivered to your property in winter, for planting to help you maintain the berm in front of your property.

Please be aware that once you plant anything, it needs to be cared for so that it does not encroach too close to the edge of the footpath.

You will also need to think about where you plant as you do not want to cause visibility problems for driveways or around corners.

Please also be aware that utility services are often located in the berm area, so please check before you dig.

For further details go to Council’s website.

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