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Hybrid Bikes – built with love in Nelson


This week we spoke with Frank, who is the local mastermind behind the Hybrid Bikes movement that has been gaining momentum across the country.

Like any good invention, it starts with a problem. Frank says, he was struggling with biking up the hills where he lived. Gifted with an engineering background, he thought there has to be a better way. In 2017 Frank built his own e-bike and things kind of took off from there.

Hybrid Bikes are unique in many ways. They are custom built to customers specifications. People come in all shapes and sizes, and getting the right fit ensures a comfy ride. The frames are made from hi tech Carbon Fibre material, which is commonly used on hi-performance sporting equipment like Americas Cup yachts, Tour de France race bikes and even the Space Shuttle.

Carbon Fibre’s unique qualities ensure light weight and a smooth ride. You won’t see any ugly welds or flakey paint. These bikes are a work of art, and come in at a very affordable price point (under $5,000) which makes them very attractive.

Frank says most of his customers are in the 60 yrs plus age group. They love being active and enjoy “working smarter”. And why wouldn’t you? Who wants to slog their way up a huge hill or battle a nasty head wind if you don’t really need to? Save your energy and enjoy the view and cruise back down at your own pace.

From an environmental standpoint Hybrid bikes are carbon positive, which means any left over parts get recycled and the elements that go into making the components are environmentally sustainable. You can feel great knowing you are supporting local and not contributing to toxic waste or global warming.

Since Hybrid bikes began selling these unique machines they have attracted a lot of media attention and there’s an impressive array of happy customers who endorse this new type of lifestyle.

Keen to learn more? Visit their website

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