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Making a dream job come true

Making a dream job come true

Wetuh Tang an 18-year-old Cambodia lost his mother suddenly a few years ago. This caused his whole world to implode and as a result he made some bad choices.

“I reached a stage where I knew my life could end up going two ways. Either I’d end up in jail or dead, or I could try to find some work which would give me purpose and focus. I was turning 18 and knew that I needed to make a decision quickly,” said Wetuh Tang.

With the support of a friend he approached Workbridge and met with Jacqui Holmes, an Employment Consultant.

“As we explored Wetuh’s abilities and skills it became apparent that he possessed a passion for motor cars and fixing things. I decided to go to as many garages as I could and speak with the owners to see whether any would be interested in supporting Wetuh along his journey,” said Jacqui Holmes.

Jacqui started with Adrian Curtis, the Owner of Tyres & More as she had heard that he had taken someone before that needed additional help.  After explaining a little of Wetuh’s past and passion for cars, Adrian decided to trial him in his workshop for a few hours.

“Wetuh showed a real keenness and motivation to learn,” said Adrian. “I could see he had significant potential and just needed someone to believe in him.”

Wetuh was about to start his dream job at the end of March when New Zealand entered lock-down and the whole employment landscape changed overnight.

“I was really worried that Wetuh wouldn’t have a job post lock down” said Jacqui. “Due to the current employment climate it didn’t make business sense to take on a young 18-year-old who would require mentoring and training, but Adrian has gone above and beyond to enable Wetuh to have an amazing opportunity.”

“I’ve been in the news for all the wrong reasons and I’m so happy and appreciative that Adrian and Jacqui believed in me and supported me when I really needed it. This is my dream job. It has changed my whole life forever,” said Wetuh.

More information:

Adrian Curtis, Tyres & More: 022 6440715

Jacqui Holmes, Workbridge: 021 2400 293

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