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Black elderberry and immunity: what’s the link? | Health 2000

Your immune system plays a vital role in your health and wellbeing. It is your body’s defence system, made up of specialised organs, cells and tissues that all work together to destroy foreign invaders which can all  trigger an immune response in your body.

There are also lifestyle factors that can increase your susceptibility to ills and chills, including:

  • Feeling tired or stressed both emotionally or physically
  • An unhealthy diet or nutrient deficiencies
  • Living or working in crowded conditions, or having children in these conditions such as day care or school
  • Intensive physical activity.

Black elderberry and immune system support

Black elderberry (sambuccus nigra) has been used in traditional herbal practice for centuries and has a unique mechanism of action to support your immune system. Black elderberries are also rich in unique compounds called flavonoids, which are naturally occurring antioxidants. Flavonoids support your immune system to fight foreign invaders and help to neutralise the harmful effects of free radicals.

Harnessing the power of black elderberry

Sambucol® has formulated a range of black elderberry products that harness the power of this immune-supporting superstar to conveniently arm your whole family with some of the best protection nature has to offer.

Keep you and your family well and make Sambucol Black Elderberry your natural choice this winter!

  • Sambucol Original Liquid is the original black elderberry extract. It provides strong immune system support to help your entire family stay healthy through every season.
  • Sambucol For Kids liquid immune formula is specially formulated for kids aged two to ten with black elderberry, elderflower, honey, zinc and vitamin C to provide robust support for young immune systems.
  • Sambucol® Soothing Nose and Throat Lozenges are blended with great-tasting, highly-concentrated black elderberry, a refreshing blast of menthol and the soothing comfort of manuka honey.
  • Sambucol Immune Activator supports your body’s first line of defence. It combines sambucol black elderberry with vitamin C and zinc, a powerful synergistic combination to support your body’s natural immune response and healthy recovery from seasonal ills.
  • Sambucol Throat Lozenges combine the health-promoting and antioxidant-rich black elderberries, vitamin C, honey and zinc to help soothe your throat while supporting your  general health and wellbeing.

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