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Nelson City Taxis – 100% local

Next time you hail a cab to the airport, or catch a lift home after a few ‘dutch coffees’ consider this – Is part of my taxi fare staying in the region or is it going out of town or overseas?

You will happy to know that Nelson City Taxis is 100% locally owned and operated. Unlike Uber which takes 28% of all fares offshore. You can rest assured you are supporting your own region and feel great about it.

We spoke to the Graeme the Executive director of Nelson City Taxis and it seems it’s quite a special company.

“Nelson City Taxis is a Co-op which means we have 28 shareholders made up of 100% local investors. Formed in 1962 it’s an old way to structure a business, but a great way to keep the profits local and maintain that local feeling.” says Graeme.

Graeme has been the Executive director and chairman of the Co-op for 10 years. He moved back to Nelson to enjoy the lifestyle he remembered as a kid. It was time to come home after working in the Corporate world in Wellington, Palmerston North and even some time living in Australia.

Graeme knows what it means to be a local. He worked at Mitre 10 and enjoyed being part of it’s growth and success.

For an Executive director it’s quite amazing to learn that Graeme even drives his own cab. It’s cab #19.

“It’s a neat way to meet new people and get a feel for what our clients are looking for. We have over 70 local drivers and 40 vehicles making us Nelsons largest fleet.”

All Nelson City Taxi drivers are certified in accordance with Land Transport New Zealand requirements and many are NZQA qualified.

If you need a cab for any situation give them a call 0800 10 88 55 or visit their website for more information.

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