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Storey Home Collection – Lighting up Nelson for over 50 years

When you enter a room for the first time your senses pick the vibe and make a split second decision. Does this feel good or is it uncomfortable… is this a place that excites my imagination? or not…

Good lighting design has a significant impact. We spoke to Jenny who is the owner / manager of Storey Home Collection located on Collingwood St near the entrance to the Fresh Choice supermarket.

“20 years ago lighting options were quite limited. You would typically have one light per room located in the centre and that was it. There are so many amazing options available today with lighting systems and products, it’s incredible what we have access to. For example one of our catalogs has over 20,000 lighting products. Quality lighting can enhance a feature in the room, or provide an accent. Smart lighting design can alter the feeling of the room making it more functional and attractive.” says Jenny.

Storey Home Collection also has a range of home decor inter showroom to help you add that special touch.

The business was formed by Jenny’s parents over 50 years ago and is well known by locals for great products and friendly service. Formerly it was called Brewertons and changed to Lighthouse Nelson, then changed to Storey Home Collection to reflect the growth and evolution of the store over the years.

What their customers love is solid advice and guidance when it comes to choosing the right lighting products for their situation. Jenny’s daughter Serena works at the shop and has studied interior design and has a passion for helping customers with their unique lighting needs.

Jenny is a warm, down to earth local who grew up working in the business so really knows her stuff.

Need some inspiration? Keen to support local?

Visit their showroom on 65 Collingwood Street, Nelson

To learn more visit their website

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