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¿Tortilla Chips vs Corn Chips? ? | Proper Crisps

¿Tortilla Chips vs Corn Chips? ?

A truly authentic Tortilla Chip starts as a Tortilla!
Our PROPER Tortilla Chips are crafted in the same, traditional way they’ve been made in Mexico for generations.

Here’s our recipe for our award-winning Tortilla Chips:

? The whole kernel GMO-FREE White Corn is soaked in limewater
? These corn kernels are then wet-ground into a Masa (dough)
? We grind the Masa using traditional, Volcanic stones
? This traditional method has almost been lost, but we’re bringing it back
? The Masa is carefully pressed into round tortillas, and cut into triangles… because you can’t make a Proper Tortilla Chip without first making a Tortilla!
?‍? Our Proper Chefs then hand-cook each batch to perfection
?Cooked in High Oleic, Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil from Canterbury

Photo credit: Eden.Vegan

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