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Life Pharmacy Nelson City – 20 years of giving great health advice

Life Pharmacy Nelson City – 20 years of giving great health advice

It’s got the bright happy yellow logo on the front doors – you simply can’t miss it when you walk down Trafalgar street. Life Pharmacy Nelson City is a vibrant space where you are greeted with a smile. It’s a one stop shop for all your health, beauty and Pharmaceutical requirements.

Locally owned and operated by a dynamic husband and wife team Tom and Renata, it’s clear they love what they do.

Tom was raised in Wellington and was working overseas as a Pharmacist. Renata was born in Croatia and worked for the Europaen Union as a Press Secretary. Their story sounds a bit like a movie script where they met in New York, travelled the world together and the rest is history. In the year 2000 they become the owners of the Pharmacy formerly known as ‘Nelson City Pharmacy’, when they updated the name and embraced it 100%. They have 2 children who were raised in our sunny region and as kids do, they became very familiar with the shop as it is a huge part of their lives growing up.

“Our daughter Mia once noticed her primary school teacher had cracked heels and told her she needed to get some Eulactol Heel Balm.” laughs Renata.

“Time has gone really fast. It’s a sure sign of being busy, but we love helping locals take charge of their health destiny. We have over 200,000 products in our shop, and after 20 years we have plenty of experience to help inform our customers which product is best for them. We are open to a wide range of preventative medicines which are very effective and have stood the test of time.”

Life Pharmacy Nelson City employs 10 local staff and we love our team and enjoy constantly learning about new products and getting feedback from our customers.

Need some new sunnies? Pick up a prescription? Need some Vitamins to help beat the winter sniffles? Skin products? Some new perfume? Lipstick? The sky is the limit in this place.

Shop hours:

9am – 5:30pm Monday – Friday

9 – 4pm Saturday

Visit their Facebook page to keep up to date with their latest specials and offers.

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  1. Nice to see recognition of this great pharmacy. Renata has always been very helpful with any questions I have had over the years. Well done!

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