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State Cinemas Nelson – locally owned and operated.

Who doesn’t love a great movie? The smell of fresh pop corn, bag of Jaffas… it’s a great place to relax and recharge with your special someone or with a group of friends.

This week we spoke with Twané, who is the General Manager of State Cinemas in Trafalgar St, Nelson. She is from South Africa and has been working there for 8 years.

“I enjoy working with our team which involves 20 – 32 staff. I love seeing locals passionate about films and having good time. My role is to ensure everything runs smoothly. The Cinema converted to digital in 2014, so gone are the days of the old film projectors rolling 35mm reels. It’s all digital now, and each film is downloaded onto a server, and screened using state of the art equipment. It’s not as tactile as the traditional method, however our team have to really know their stuff to make sure the films screen on time and sessions run flawlessly. We are also NZ’s largest independent and locally owned and operated cinema.” says Twané.

Twané moved to New Zealand in 2012 and lived in Makarora, which is near the West Coast / Haast region. She was the Manager at the Wilderness Resort, which was located in the middle of nowhere, but absolutely beautiful.

When asked about her all-time favourite film, she said there are too many to mention, she has a broad taste but loves a good Martial Arts film and has been involved in Seido Karate in Nelson for 10 years.

The local movie programmer is Mark Christensen who is also a Director and the founder of the business. He has a great feel for what the locals like to see and is very passionate about the Film Industry.

The highly anticipated action/thriller movie ‘Tenet’ is due to be screened here from Aug 27. If you liked ‘Inception’, you will love this! In fact, they are screening ‘Inception’ for the week prior.

Cinemas have been hit hard with the Covid/lockdown situation and need our support.

Visit their website for more info and latest screenings.


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  1. you do a great job! Thank you Twané and all the team – a great weekly newsletter , very informative, I enjoy watching the trailers too. Its an email I never miss looking at! All the staff always polite and friendly –

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